CHA News

CHA to Host ED Resource Relief – Implementing the CARE Act Webinar

What’s happening: CHA will host a webinar on May 10 at 9 a.m. (PT) about a new option for hospitals to connect frequent users of emergency departments (EDs) and inpatient psychiatric services to the help they need: the Community, Assistance, Recovery & Empowerment (CARE) Act. 

What else to know: The webinar is free for CHA members, and registration is required.  

Hospitals No Longer Required to Report COVID-19 Data to HHS

What’s happening:Hospitals are no longer required to report COVID-19 data mandated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through the National Healthcare Safety Network, effective April 30.  

What else to know:CMS is proposing a new standard — currently under public comment — requiring hospitals and critical access hospitals to electronically report information about COVID-19, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and hospital bed capacity in a standardized format and frequency. CMS anticipates that this reporting will begin in October.  

Media Coverage of CHA Lawsuit Runs Statewide

What’s happening: Statewide and national media coverage of the CHA lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross includes print articles, news videos, and mentions on local radio stations. 

What else to know: CHA filed the lawsuit on April 23 against Anthem Blue Cross, one of California’s largest health insurance companies.  

Hearing Set for CHA-Sponsored Seismic Relief Bill

What’s happening: CHA’s sponsored legislation that would provide relief from California’s 2030 seismic construction mandates passed the Senate Health Committee last week on an 11-0 vote. Senate Bill (SB) 1432 is now set for a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on May 6.  

What else to know: The chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee is the primary author of the bill, Sen. Anna Caballero (D-Merced).  

FDA Finalizes Rule on Laboratory-Developed Tests

What’s happening: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized a regulation of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), effective July 5. 

What else to know: The final rule amends FDA regulations to make explicit that in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, which include LDTs, are devices under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  

CMS Finalizes Rule on Access to Medicaid Services

What’s happening: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a rule meant to improve access to care and services for the people enrolled in the Medicaid program. 

What else to know: The rule is effective July 9.  

CHA DataSuite Analyzes FFY 2025 Medicare Skilled-Nursing Facility Proposed Rule

What’s happening: CHA DataSuite issued a hospital-specific analysis of the federal fiscal year (FFY) 2025 Medicare skilled-nursing facility prospective payment system proposed rule analysis.  

What else to know: The analysis is intended to show hospitals how Medicare fee-for-service payments would change from FFY 2024 to FFY 2025 based on the policies set forth in the proposed rule.  

Digital Campaign Shines Light on Insurance Company Misconduct

What’s happening: This week, CHA launched a comprehensive digital and social media campaign drawing attention to insurance companies that prioritize profits over patient care.  

What else to know: The campaign is targeted at Sacramento policymakers and complements CHA’s broader work to hold insurance companies accountable for their obligations to patients.