CHA News

HHS Issues Rules on Nondiscrimination in Health Care

What’s happening: The Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) issued two final rules to strengthen nondiscrimination protections in health care.  

What else to know: These rules also aim to ensure equitable access to health care. Hospitals will need to update their policies and procedures to comply with the new rules. 

CHA Emergency Services Forum Discussed Patient Volume, Regulations, and Innovation

What’s happening: CHA hosted the 2024 Emergency Services Forum on May 6 in Newport Beach, California. The forum covered an array of topics, including compliance with legislation, regulating ambulance patient offload time, the impact of recent changes in the behavioral health system on emergency departments (EDs), and a keynote address by RaDonda Vaught, a nurse who was convicted of negligent homicide after accidentally giving a patient the wrong medication.   

What else to know: The forum saw a record attendance of 156 attendees this year, a capacity crowd of professionals and providers from around the state. The gathering provided clarity on laws that affect EDs, previewed upcoming regulations, and provided ED personnel the opportunity to discuss prehospital challenges. Those in attendance said it was a reminder there is a resilient community to lean on.  

Federal Agencies Issue Alert on Black Basta Ransomware Group

What’s happening: Several federal agencies issued a joint cybersecurity advisory on the Black Basta ransomware group accelerating attacks targeting the health care industry.  

What else to know: Black Basta has attacked at least 500 organizations globally between April 2022 and May 2024. 

House Approves Bills Focused on Rural Health Care

What’s happening: The House Ways and Means Committee approved six bills that address a wide range of pressing health care issues facing rural communities. 

What else to know: CHA will continue to work with members of the California delegation to support these measures and urge their passage into law. 

CHA Continues Work to Hold Insurers Accountable

What’s happening: CHA continues to await a response to the lawsuit filed against Anthem Blue Cross on April 23.    

What else to know: In the interim, CHA continues to collect information to support its position that many managed care plans, including Anthem Blue Cross, are violating certain provisions of the Knox-Keene Act.   

Standing Together to Face California’s Behavioral Health Crisis 

This space — the weekly message from CHA’s President & CEO — is typically reserved to share the most up-to-date information about critical state and federal policy and advocacy developments. It’s an opportunity that I deeply value, to communicate directly with you, the members of the California Hospital Association who rely on the work this team does on your behalf. 

AHA to Host Leadership Experience in October

What’s happening: The American Hospital Association (AHA) will host the AHA Leadership Experience event on Oct. 8-10, and a two-hour virtual capstone on Nov. 7.  

What else to know: The event will help participants create a new professional strategy to offset the demands of the fast-paced health care environment. Early bird registration ends on June 1.