Urge Legislators to Support Modernizing Disaster Preparedness

Action needed: 

Follow up with your state senators and assembly members to urge them to support a proposal through this year’s state budget process that would refocus 2030 hospital seismic requirements on emergency services and provide additional time for hospitals to comply. It is critical that hospitals maintain their presence with legislators to address some misinformation about the proposal – specifically, that it changes structural safety standards – and educate them that it actually addresses service availability.


Call/meet as soon as possible, but no later than Aug. 13. If you have not yet contacted your legislator, there is still time. The Legislature is on summer recess and will reconvene on Aug. 16 to conclude the last month of the 2021 session, but they are available and taking meetings during the recess. It is critical to use this time to educate your elected officials and urge them to support reform. 

Find contact information for both your assembly member and senator on the state Legislature’s site.   


The key messages are that hospitals are safe and will remain standing in the event of an earthquake, and that the proposal makes changes only to what services must be provided immediately following a seismic event.

CHA has created a set of key messages, frequently asked questions, and an outline of the proposal to better support your outreach. 

If you would like to add your hospital’s logo to our coalition letter, please email Emily Schroeder at eschroeder@calhospital.org.