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BRN’s Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority Regulations Begin

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

This week, CHA testified at the first Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee.  

The committee convened stakeholders to begin the regulatory process for Assembly Bill (AB) 890 (Wood, D-Santa Rosa), the nurse practitioner full practice authority bill that passed last year. To implement the provisions of AB 890, the BRN will follow state law outlining, editing, and finalizing regulations.  

The BRN Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee appointments were the first step in the regulatory process, and now the committee will begin to define the minimum standards for the bill’s required transition to practice program (2873.101c) as well as conducting an analysis of nurse practitioner certification examinations to see if they align with California competencies in 2837.103(c). CHA testified on the urgency for implementing regulations, as the gap for primary care providers continues to widen post COVID-19.   

CHA is actively working with the California Association for Nurse Practitioners-led Close the Provider Gap coalition. While AB 890 took effect on Jan. 1 and the regulatory process has been initiated, a follow-up bill, AB 852 (Wood), now a two-year bill, is progressing to address outstanding statutory scope of practice issues not covered in AB 890. 

An on-demand recording and overview that detail AB 890 are available.