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Bill that Would Prohibit Hospitals from Requiring Physicians to Comply with Rules Will Not Move this Year

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

Senate Bill 642 (Kamlager, D-Los Angeles), introduced last year and made a two-year bill late in the session, will not advance this year.

This bill would have prohibited health facilities from requiring a doctor to comply with hospital policies or criteria not explicitly ratified or promulgated by the medical staff that prohibit or restrict the doctor from providing a particular medical treatment or service that falls within the scope of the doctor’s privileges, among other provisions.

It would also have required that the shareholders and others of a medical corporation not be removed or controlled by any lay entity or individual. Finally, it would have added to the list of factors the attorney general may consider in determining whether to consent to certain business transactions by nonprofit health care facilities.

CHA will continue to monitor this issue and keep members posted should portions of the bill be reintroduced.