VolunteerTalk: Visitor Tracking

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Katie Williams, Director, Volunteer Guest Services at Kaiser Permanente San Diego/Zion Medical Centers in San Diego, California:

Submitted November 17, 2020

Since the pandemic began, many hospitals have eliminated or limited the number of visitors within the hospital setting. As we begin allowing visitors to return, we’d like to understand what other hospitals are doing to track visitors.

  • Does your hospitals’ volunteer department assist with its visitor screening/tracking process?
    • What, if any, visitor management software are you using? We are currently researching HID Global. 
    • What systems are currently in place for visitor tracking?
    • What visitor data are you collecting?
    • How are you logging the data? 
    • How do you ensure visitors are complying with visitation policies?

Any information is appreciated. Thank you!

Katie Williams
Director, Volunteer Guest Services
Kaiser Permanente San Diego/Zion Medical Center
(619) 528-6412

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