Urge Assemblymembers to Oppose Two Bills That Would Threaten Access to Care for Millions of Californians

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Action needed:

WRITE to the Assembly Health Committee, asking members of the committee to oppose, unless amended, Assembly Bill (AB) 1130, related to the Office of Health Care Affordability; and oppose AB 1132, related to health care integration. CHA has developed template letters about both bills for your use (see below). Please send copies of your letters to Dawn Vicari at dvicari@calhospital.org.


Send your letters by March 29. ​


AB 1130 – Oppose Unless Amended: Template Letter
AB 1130 (Wood, D-Santa Rosa) proposes an Office of Health Care Affordability with potentially devastating access and quality consequences. While hospitals support the goal of improving health care affordability and reducing the rate of growth in health care costs, CHA is concerned hospitals could be forced to make predetermined policy decisions with potentially devastating access and quality consequences. CHA is working with the administration and Dr. Wood to secure amendments that address the proposed unrealistic timeline, an overly detailed and unworkable framework, and the potential for unintended consequences that would threaten expanding access to care. 

AB 1132 – Oppose: Template Letter
AB 1132 (Wood, D-Santa Rosa) would create an environment that will restrict Californians’ access to care, reduce the quality of care they receive, and, as underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, remove the unique, life-saving support hospital integration can bring to communities during a crisis. The bill would upend the relationships between hospitals, physicians, and other affiliates and permanently alter these long-standing arrangements that are fundamental to organizing coordinated care. It would also give unprecedented decision-making authority to the Attorney General to be the sole arbiter of accessibility and availability of health care in California. Ultimately, over the long term, AB 1132 would virtually end the ability for any hospital to participate in managed care arrangements or to affiliate with another health care organization.