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Toward a Stronger Political Voice

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

California hospitals are a strong and powerful force in Sacramento and along with our colleagues in other states, a force in Washington, D.C. But more is needed and we need your help now by making a contribution to the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC) today.  

Despite our strength, hospitals in California are not punching at our weight class when it comes to our political action committee. We are outraised year after year 12 to 1 by organized labor alone. It is critical to hospitals’ future that we elect candidates who have not only knowledge of — but also sensitivity and responsiveness to — critical health care issues. 

As of August, CHPAC is still short of its goal for the year and last year, a mere 36% of hospital CEOs supported CHPAC. However, if hospital leaders fully contributed at 2023 CHPAC-suggested levels, the committee would raise over $2 million this year, nearly two-and-a-half times the current goal. And we are seeking the engagement of COOs and CFOs as well — your support of CHPAC is needed! 

These contributions are vital to ensure that your voice — the hospital voice — can continue to be heard in Sacramento and in D.C. There are few — if any — politicians, advocacy interests, hospital leaders, or others who engage in the development of health care policy who would argue against the mission of hospitals: To deliver safe, quality care that is accessible to all Californians.