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Sent Items: It's time for a fall cleaning!

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

Recently, a dear colleague of the Inside the Associations team was faced with a gigantic task: cleaning out her Outlook mailbox.

She said she had emails from the very dawn of Outlook, when Daunersaurs roamed the CHA office and men wore ties (every day!)

Her task was huge: to sift through 27 gigabytes of folders and sent email – two decades of electronic correspondence – and retain the “important stuff,” while casting off the items that were less so.  

She still hasn’t emerged from her office, and only occasionally looks up from her monitor when I walk by her office, so I assume the task continues.  

In the interest of not befalling a similar fate, click below for a great article on avoiding this dilemma in the first place, and how to maintain a tidy digital space moving forward.

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