Seneca Healthcare District

Seneca Healthcare District was formed in 1947 as an independent special district to meet the needs of the rural community it serves. The hospital officially opened the doors to patients in 1954. Seneca is a non-profit governmental entity also referred to as a special district that is supported by tax dollars.

The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) admitted their first patient in 1976.  The S.N.F provides Long Term care services to our elder population who are unable to live at home due to health care needs. The hospital based rural health clinic was built in 1996 and Seneca received Critical Access Hospital designation in 2007.

Seneca hospital has 10 acute care beds and 16 skilled nursing/long term care beds.  Seneca is a community-oriented critical access hospital and clinic located in the beautiful Lake Almanor area with a full range of inpatient and outpatient care, diagnostic imaging, and emergency, medical and surgical care. Seneca is more than a hospital; they are a partner in health and wellness both inside and outside its walls. 

The emergency room is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Emergency response is provided by the Chester Fire Department, Westwood Fire Department and the Peninsula Fire Department ambulances. The ambulance services are staffed by Paramedics and/or Emergency Medical Technicians qualified to deliver advanced cardiac life support. Emergency transfers to hospitals in Chico, Reno, or other urban areas are available by aircraft and ground transport.

The District is pleased to acknowledge the support of many volunteers who provide services through membership in the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary.

As the healthcare industry becomes more streamlined and impersonal, people are looking for a health care setting that feels more like a family. Seneca strives to provide that kind of family environment by never forgetting that people come first. Seneca is a health care facility dedicated to patient safety and quality care, which is why they are constantly working to be the provider of choice for their community. They do this in a manner that encourages the efficient use of resources while providing a working environment that promotes the personal and professional growth of their employees.

130 Brentwood Drive
Chester, CA 96020

Phone: (530) 258-2151

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