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Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill, Budget Resolution

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On Tuesday, the Senate passed the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill  by a vote of 69-30.

The package does not use the unspent portion of the Provider Relief Fund to help pay for building roads and bridges and other provisions. However, it does extend Medicare sequestration for an additional year, until 2031. CHA continues to oppose an extension of the Medicare sequestration cuts to offset the cost of the legislation. The House must pass the infrastructure bill before it is sent to President Biden for his signature.

The Senate also approved a separate $3.5 trillion budget resolution. The House will return from recess on Aug. 23 to consider the budget resolution. Once the resolution passes both chambers, the House and Senate majorities can proceed with the reconciliation process for a second infrastructure package, which means the package can pass with a simple majority of 51 votes in the Senate rather than the usual 60 votes. It is expected that the next infrastructure package would make investments in health care, education, childcare, and environmental measures.