Resource Requests

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

With resources at critically low levels across all regions of the state, the nation, and worldwide, the best way to get supplies in California is to request them through the Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) Program.

A list of county MHOAC contacts is here.

Instructions for requesting supplies through MHOAC — a process that is tested annually with your hospital and disaster coordinator during the November Statewide Medical and Health Exercise — are below.

  1. Hospital initiates the request to the MHOAC using a 213 Resource Request (RR). Note: Even though hospitals often realize that local, regional, and state caches may be empty, it is important to continue submitting 213 RR requests to ensure the requests are making it to CDC for potential fulfillment.
  2. The MHOAC distributes any local supplies available.
  3. If there are insufficient local/county supplies, the MHOAC submits the hospital’s 213 RR to the Regional Disaster Medical and Health Specialist to check for available supplies in the region.
  4. If there are insufficient supplies in the region, the Regional Disaster Medical and Health Specialist submits the hospital’s 213 RR to the State Medical and Health Command Center, which is a combined state command center of the Emergency Medical Services Authority and the California Department of Public Health.
  5. If there are insufficient state supplies, the Medical and Health Command Center shares the requests with the State Operations Center, which then — under the Governor’s emergency declaration — makes a request from the Strategic National Stockpile and Vendor Managed Inventory.

If you are using this process and not receiving a response or the necessary resources you need, please contact Mary Massey, vice president, emergency preparedness, at