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Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention

How to Comply with the Cal/OSHA Regulation


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CHA’s guidebook explains Cal/OSHA’s new regulation and offers practical implementation tips to ease compliance with this far-reaching rule. Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention:

  • Describes the elements of a compliant workplace violence prevention plan
  • Explains hospitals’ legal obligations
  • Provides a comprehensive task-by-task planning and implementation checklist
  • Details training and reporting requirements
  • Addresses what to expect regarding enforcement

Written by Lois J. Richardson, Esq., CHA’s Vice President and Counsel, Privacy & Legal Publications and Gail Blanchard-Saiger, Esq., CHA’s Vice President and Counsel, Labor & Employment, Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention reflects dozens of roundtable discussions and provides unique insights from the authors’ having worked closely with Cal/OSHA. It includes content on:

  • Who Must Comply
  • Definitions
  • The Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Hospital Security Plan
  • Employed Security Personnel
  • Training Requirements
  • Hospital Reporting Requirements
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Cal/OSHA Enforcement Procedures                           

Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention has been written specifically for California’s health care human resources executives, employee relations managers, chief operating officers, chief nursing officers, risk managers, security officers, legal counsel, and department directors.

(First Edition, January 2017)


Chapter 1: Introduction and Definitions

  • Introduction
  • Quick Overview of the Regulation
  • Who Must Comply With This Law?
  • Effective Dates
  • Helpful Resources
  • Definitions

Chapter 2: The Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

  • Introduction
  • Required Elements of the WVPP
  • Reviewing the WVPP
  • Hospital Security Plan

Chapter 3: Training

  • Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence Prevention Training Requirements

Chapter 4: Documentation Requirements

  • Violent Incident Log
  • Records of Workplace Violence Hazards
  • Records of Workplace Violence Investigations
  • Training Records
  • Record Retention Period
  • Who May Access Workplace Violence Records
  • Cal/OSHA Public Reporting

Chapter 5: Reporting Requirements

  • Online Reports to Cal/OSHA
  • Telephone Reports to Cal/OSHA District Office
  • Reports to Law Enforcement
    • Incidents Involving Employees
    • Incidents Involving Patients (“Suspicious Injury Reporting”)
  • Reports to the California Department of Public Health
  • Other Reporting Requirements

Chapter 6: Enforcement

  • Cal/OSHA Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 7: Employed Security Personnel

  • Introduction
  • Security Guards
  • Proprietary Private Security Officers

Comprehensive Planning and Implementation Checklist

Forms and Appendices

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