Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients

Overview This guidebook explains California’s homeless patient discharge planning law and offers insights to help hospitals prepare to return homeless patients to the community. Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients includes valuable checklists and: (Second edition, August 2019) Contents Latest Updates For the latest updates visit

New California Hospital Survey Manual

Overview The surveyors have arrived, unannounced, at your hospital. What do you do first? What will the surveyors do? The California Hospital Survey Manual can help hospitals prepare for the survey process, explains how surveyors conduct their surveys, and offers tips for achieving a successful survey. The manual covers the different types of surveys and possible outcomes, […]

New Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention

Overview CHA’s guidebook explains Cal/OSHA’s new regulation and offers practical implementation tips to ease compliance with this far-reaching rule. Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention: Written by Lois J. Richardson, Esq., CHA’s Vice President and Counsel, Privacy & Legal Publications and Gail Blanchard-Saiger, Esq., CHA’s Vice President and Counsel, Labor & Employment, Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention reflects dozens of roundtable discussions and […]

New Privacy Manual

Overview This comprehensive resource addresses all state and federal laws related to the privacy of health information, and provides guidance to help hospitals comply with increasingly complex regulations. Laws covered include: This edition incorporates into the main text information formerly found in preemption analyses charts so all information about a particular issue is in one […]

New EMTALA Manual

Overview CHA’s EMTALA Manual explains the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) to minimize risk and help hospitals avoid lawsuits. The manual is full of sample scenarios and answers to hundreds of real-world questions, and provides practical guidance to hospitals, physicians, and nurses to simplify compliance with patient anti-dumping laws. The 2018 edition has been updated to […]

New Consent Manual

Overview The Consent Manual is your one-stop resource for all legal requirements related to patient consent for medical treatment, release of medical information, reporting requirements and more. It details exactly what the law requires and what you need to do to comply. Contents Latest Updates For the latest updates visit

New Hospital Compliance Manual

Overview Stay up-to-date with the most comprehensive resource created specifically to provide guidance to hospitals and health systems on how to comply with myriad California and federal statutes, regulations, and agency guidelines. The California Hospital Compliance Manual covers all applicable state and federal laws and focuses on high-risk compliance issues including fraud and abuse. Content The manual […]