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Failing Healthcare’s ‘Free Market’ Experiment in US: Single Payer to the Rescue?

In the industrialized world and especially in United States, health care expenditures per capita has has significantly outgrown per capita income in the last few decades. The projected national expenditures growth at 6.2%/year from 2015 onwards with an estimated in 20% of entire national spending in 2022 on healthcare, has resulted in passionate deliberation on the enormous consequences in US political and policy circles.

Build up the Affordable Care Act for America’s workers and their families

As a union ironworker, I’ve spent my whole adult life building lasting structures. One of the things I am most proud of is helping to build and strengthen the labor movement. Until the end of last year, I served as the executive secretary of the Washington State Building Trades, which capped my 35 years of work in the labor movement.

I focused on ensuring that our economy worked for the people who build it. Every day, the women and men of the Building Trades use their labor and skills to create the infrastructure that drives economic growth and opportunity.  Fighting on their behalf for fair wages that would support their families, for safety provisions in jobs that are inherently dangerous and for access to the best benefits, including health care, was a privilege.

We don’t need government-run health care to get to affordable, universal coverage

America can insure everyone without changing anyone’s existing health coverage. It won’t require replacing Obamacare with a single-payer, government-run system. Instead, we can build upon Obamacare with two simple, game-changing features: a universal cap on premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, and an automatic coverage system that places the uninsured in a plan they can depend on and afford.

These two transformational changes align the interests of those who have coverage and those who don’t against the medical-industrial complex, which for too long has delivered high-cost care instead of high-quality care at reasonable prices.  For the 156 million Americans with employer-provided coverage, this proposal answers their top concern: the price they pay. For the 29 million Americans without coverage and millions of others who fear they could lose it, this answers their prayers for stable and secure insurance.

Privacy Breach Reports Due March 1

Federal law requires hospitals and other HIPAA-covered entities to report all 2018 HIPAA privacy breaches affecting fewer than 500 patients to the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by March 1. This requirement also applies to hospitals that have already notified affected patients and the California Department of Public Health. 

2019 California Hospital Compliance Manual Now Available

CHA has released the 10th edition of the Hospital Compliance Manual, written specifically to help California’s hospital compliance officers, chief financial officers, legal counsel, and risk managers stay abreast of pertinent state and federal laws. The manual focuses on high-risk compliance issues and addresses the key components of an effective compliance plan.