Operational News

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Confused by email distribution lists, or unsure what list to use when sending a message?

Many of us are.

Navigating these lists is a bit like being lost in the country and getting driving directions from a local. He can’t tell you the name of the road to turn on, but it’s just beyond a big tree.

In other words, after a while, you get it, but explaining it to someone else is a different story.

Following the August 23-24 All-Staff Meeting in Sacramento, we heard loud and clear that it was time to spring – or in this case – fall-clean our email lists to simplify the options, rename them or simply be more descriptive. We’re happy to announce this work is complete, with each organization now having its own “All Staff” list, and a “One Team All Staff” list to use when a message is going to the Federated Team.

A link to a diagram illustrating these lists is here. 

Big One Team thanks to Stacy Arashiro in the CHA Information Services department for leading this work.