One Team Sacramento Folks To Stay Home for Rest of 2020

COVID Closure Gives Boost to Renovation Plan

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

When One Team staff in the Sacramento offices packed up their desks for a COVID 19-dodging move to home offices, they expected to return after a few weeks. But circumstances, and an accelerated office construction plan, have delayed that return until the new year.

For those unaware, the Esquire Building offices of CHA, Hospital Council, and HQI are undergoing an extensive renovation, involving the gutting and reconfiguration of spaces on four floors. The original work plan would have lasted well until summer of 2021, involving an elaborate musical chairs-style swap of offices and cubicles as construction rotated through specific areas. 

The new plan, which is now well underway, has work in progress simultaneously on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors, and is scheduled for completion at the beginning of the year, and a single big return for staff. 

Not everyone has flown the coop, though, as some staff from CHA’s finance and IS departments have remained on-site to perform mission critical work in temporary space on the 10 floor. HQI’s new 19th floor offices (boasting some spectacular views), meanwhile, were mostly completed before the shutdown, and now stand ready for re-population.  

Progress on the renovation work is being documented in a series of videos hosted by Julie Reppas. Episode One and Episode Two of the Reno Memo are now available for viewing.