CEO Message

New Year, New Laws, Continued Advocacy

The turn of the calendar to 2024 brings much change for California: a new budget that will have to navigate a deficit that could be as high as $68 billion, a presidential election year, and a host of new laws passed last year that are now in effect. 

To help hospitals navigate the hundreds of health care-related bills the governor has signed into law, CHA has developed the 2023 Report on State Legislation

This report is designed to help hospital and health system leaders understand the implications of, and comply with, the bills that will have the biggest impact on your facilities. It also serves as a reference tool for the broader health care-related legislative activity that occurred last year.  

Hospital CEOs and leadership teams are encouraged to review and share the report so they can take any necessary steps to implement the new requirements.  

As always, we are here to help. There is no wrong door, and any member of your CHA team can help direct you to the right place to get a question answered. Email Lois Richardson at if you have any questions about the 2023 Report on State Legislation

CHA’s advocacy work continues, with policy hearings starting next week on bills that were held over from 2023 and the expected release of Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal on Jan. 10.  

We will keep you informed of key developments on both of these fronts through CHA News, delivered every Thursday to your inbox (if you know someone who should receive this newsletter, please share this sign-up link), and via special email messages as news breaks. 

As we start this new year, on behalf of your CHA team, we are grateful for your trust in us to ensure hospitals have a strong voice in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.