Need Your Input on Two Questionnaires

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

State of Volunteer Programs

It’s been nearly 15 months since the COVID-19 pandemic closed most hospital volunteer programs, and we are finally beginning to see an influx of volunteers returning to the hospital setting. In 2020, we requested your assistance with response to three similar questionnaires related to the impact of COVID-19 in hospital volunteer programs. To help us continue to better understand how hospital volunteer programs are adapting, we ask you take a few minutes to complete this updated questionnaire. To maintain consistent data collection, the questionnaire includes similar questions previously posed, with a few additions to address member requests.

Volunteer Educational Offerings

In addition, we ask you to please help the California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Network gain perspective on volunteer members’ educational needs, including the future of the annual California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Conference, by completing this short questionnaire.

Both questionnaire responses will be captured through June 18.