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Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans Receive Private Hospital Directed Payment Funding 

What’s happening: During the week of Feb. 26, Medi-Cal managed care plans received the funds related to Hospital Fee Program 7, Private Hospital Directed Payment (PHDP) Cycle 1. In January, hospitals and Medi-Cal managed care plans also received their payment schedules, which detail the amount each health plan is directed to pay and to which hospitals. 

What else to know: Health plans are required to make these payments to hospitals within 30 days of receipt of the funds. Hospitals that have not yet received their PHDP funds should reach out to their health plans for a status update. Hospitals that still have not received the PHDP funding by the end of March should contact Robert Ducay, vice president, policy, at

Program 7, PHDP Cycle 1 payment amounts are based on hospitals’ actual contracted utilization with Medi-Cal managed care plans for dates of service from January through June 2022. The PHDP Program is financed through the Hospital Fee Program. Hospital fees for this PHDP cycle were due to DHCS on Feb. 21.