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SB 1042 (Roth, D-Riverside)

Pending Under Review

SB 1042 (Roth, D-Riverside) Details

Introduced on Feb. 7. Pending a hearing in the Senate Health Committee and Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.

SB 1042 is similar to AB 1577, relating to clinical placements. While AB 1577 is focused on hospitals being the only facilities required to meet the clinical placement needs of community college nursing students, SB 1042 would require all approved nursing programs, private and public, to report their clinical placements needs. The bill would require health facilities, as defined in Health and Safety Code section 1250, to meet the clinical placement needs of approved nursing programs, with prioritization given to community colleges and California State University campuses. If no facilities are able to meet nursing programs’ clinical placement needs, the bill would require health facilities to meet with approved nursing programs in an attempt to match available clinical placement slots with needed slots. The bill would also establish a process for the health facility to provide the department written justification of its lack of capability or capacity within 30 days. The department would be required to, in collaboration with the board, notify the health facility within 30 days of its acceptance or rejection of the health facility’s justification. The department would post all written justifications and outcomes on the department’s website. CHA is working closely with the bill’s author and sponsor to address concerns.

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