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SB 1015 (Cortese, D-Campbell)

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SB 1015 (Cortese, D-Campbell) Details

Placed on the Assembly Appropriations Committee suspense file on June 19.

SB 1015, sponsored by the California Nurses Association, would require the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) to annually report information related to the management of clinical placements and coordination with clinical facilities by approved nursing programs. The report would be required to include information related to how approved nursing programs collaborate and coordinate with other approved schools of nursing or regional planning consortiums that utilize the same clinical facility. The report would be required to be posted on the BRN’s website and be submitted to the Legislature. Additionally, SB 1015 would require the BRN’s Nursing Education and Workforce Advisory Committee to study and recommend standards for how approved nursing programs should manage and coordinate clinical placements. The study must include various topics such as the necessity and feasibility of a statewide consortium to manage and coordinate clinical placements, as well as identifying and reporting violations of Business and Professions Code section 2786.4, related to the prohibition of payment to any clinical facility in exchange for clinical placement slots. The report detailing the committee’s findings would be submitted to the Legislature.

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