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AB 2015 (Schiavo, D-Santa Clarita)

Pending Under Review

AB 2015 (Schiavo, D-Santa Clarita) Details

Introduced on Jan. 31. Pending a hearing in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee.

AB 2015, sponsored by the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), would require all faculty members, assistant directors, and directors of approved schools of nursing or nursing programs to hold an active California license as a registered nurse and be approved by the BRN. The BRN would be required to display an individual’s faculty approval status through an online search tool. The bill would require an approved school of nursing or nursing program, before extending an offer of employment to a faculty member, assistant director, or director, to use the online search tool to verify that the applicant has an active license, is in good standing, and is approved to teach in the level and content areas relevant to the open position or assignment. The bill would also require the executive officer of the BRN to develop a uniform method for evaluating requests and granting approvals and would authorize the executive officer to revise the uniform methods developed, as necessary.

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