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HRSA Reopens Reporting Period 1 for Providers Experiencing Extenuating Circumstances

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has announced that starting the week of April 11, providers that missed Reporting Period 1 due to extenuating circumstances will be able to submit their request for a late report through April 22.  

Eligible extenuating circumstances include severe illness or death by a provider or staffer, natural disaster, non-receipt of HRSA reporting communications, failure to submit a completed report in the portal, internal miscommunication, and/or incomplete targeted distribution payments.    

HRSA anticipates that the late-reporting period will start on or about May 9. There will be a two-week window to complete and submit the report, and there will be no option for extension to the communicated deadline. If a provider that missed Reporting Period 1 has not previously registered for the PRF Reporting Portal, the provider should register now. 

As per the March 2022 letter from HRSA, providers should not return the PRF funds. HRSA will contact providers in the future on the return of funds if they do not submit a request for a late report or complete the required report. Until the required report is submitted, the provider remains out of compliance with the reporting requirement for Reporting Period 1, which will impact the provider’s eligibility to receive additional PRF payments. 

Additional information on the opportunity to request late PRF reporting due to extenuating circumstances is available on the HRSA website.