Hospital Volunteer Impact Questionnaire

December 2023

As part of a biannual questionnaire (July and December), CAHHS Volunteer Services (CAHHS) is requesting your response to two questions related to the general overall impact volunteers make in California’s hospitals. Your response will help us identify the total number of volunteers and the hours they serve. The total calculations will be shared with all California Hospital Association members.

Our goal is to receive a response from every member hospital that operates a volunteer program. This includes any auxiliary, guild, or service league. If you represent more than one hospital, please submit a response for each hospital. CAHHS encourages you to share this questionnaire with your peers to obtain as many responses as possible.

Please complete by Wednesday, Dec. 20.

If you received this email by mistake, are not the right person to answer the questionnaire, or require additional assistance, contact CAHHS Volunteer Services at (916) 552-7648 or email

To help you better answer the questions, please utilize the definition of terms outlined below.

Definition of Terms

Volunteer is defined as a screened, vetted, and trained individual who provides an uncompensated service for your hospital.

  • Volunteer category (adult, youth, college)
    • Adult is defined as any volunteer 18 or older who is not associated with an educational institution.
    • Youth is defined as any volunteer 18 years or younger.
    • College is defined as any volunteer authorized by an educational institution to obtain experience related to their academic studies.
  • Volunteer type (episodic, remote, LOA)
    • Episodic is defined as short-term, time-limited, special project, or single-day only volunteer.
    • Remote is defined as contributing skills, activities, and time while away from the hospital.
    • Leave of absence (LOA) is defined as an authorized extended time off, yet retains volunteer status.
  • Facility type (hospital, clinics)
    • Hospital is defined as a general acute care facility (non-clinic).
    • Clinic is defined as a hospital-based outpatient facility.

Enter your response, based on volunteer numbers and service hours during the last six months of your fiscal year.