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CHPSO Name Change Announced

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

This week, the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) issued a news release on the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization’s (CHPSO) name change, which was made to better reflect the organization’s work and membership. The new name is Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization.

HQI also recently secured approval from the U.S. trademark office for the organization’s name and design.

“As we expand our presence outside California, we believe a name change offers a better representation of who we are as an organization,” Robert Imhoff, HQI president, said. “At the same time, while hospitals will continue to be the focus of the organization, we acknowledge that safer care extends further than ever and is everyone’s responsibility.”

Created in 2008 by CHA, CHPSO is a federally designated patient safety organization dedicated to the elimination of preventable harm and improving the quality of health care delivery.