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CHA Home Page Features Timely Content From Our Health California

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The CHA website now prominently features Our Health California — CHA’s digital community of more than 1 million supporters — with links to stories that positively position hospitals, as well as health-related articles, data, and more.

Our Health California (OHC) offers a forum for telling compelling stories about the contributions hospitals make to individuals and their communities.

OHC content currently featured on CHA’s home page include the experience of one family at the Loma Linda neonatal intensive care unit; an explanation of when to visit an urgent care center versus an emergency department; and an award-winning video series featuring data on the behavioral health crisis.

Another important component of the OHC mission is connecting with supporters and urging them to take action on behalf of policies hospitals support — including federal advocacy and statewide legislation and ballot initiatives.

Our Health California has won six national social media and advocacy campaign awards, including two this year: “A home for Herve,” and “Healthy Minds.”