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CHA Helps Reduce Behavioral Health Stigma With Powerful New Video

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

In an effort to help reduce the stigma around behavioral health issues, CHA has released a new video featuring five accomplished health care executives who have faced mental health challenges. The powerful “truth telling” video is the product of the keynote session at CHA’s recent Behavioral Health Symposium. 

Titled “5 Guys Talking,” the video highlights the importance of increasing access to behavioral health services and support – and the equally important task of reducing stigma so that more people will seek help.  More Americans now have access to behavioral health coverage, but most still lack the care they need due to stigma, flaws in the mental health system and a lack of coordinated resources.

CHA will share the video broadly in order to reach legislators, other elected leaders and key stakeholders with the video’s important public policy message. CHA appreciates the panelists, listed below, for taking the courageous step to tell their stories publicly for the first time at the December Behavioral Health Symposium. 

  • Michael Fitzgerald, MS, PMHCS-BC, executive director, behavioral health services, El Camino Hospital
  • Paul Rains, RN, MSN, president, St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center
  • Mitch Gluck, MSW, MBA, assistant hospital administrator, San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital
  • Scott Robertson, MA​, director, behavioral medicine services, Glendale Adventist Medical Center
  • Clayton Chau, MD, PhD, regional executive medical director, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Moderator: Vincent Wales, CHA

For these bold executives, uncovering secrets and sharing their personal stories is a means of reducing stigma and pointing the way towards hope and recovery.