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CHA Board Holds October Meeting

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At its Oct. 24 meeting, the CHA Board of Trustees discussed current federal regulatory proposals, 2019 state legislative successes and anticipated challenges for 2020, and advised the CHA team on 2020 policy priorities. The board also continued an important conversation about health care affordability and the need for all-inclusive solutions that address and lower the cost of care, rather than simply reducing reimbursement.

In addition, the board received an update on the status of 2020 ballot initiatives and the 2019-21 Hospital Fee Program, approved 2019 award nominations, and added two new members to the board.

Because contributions to the California Hospital Association’s Political Action Committee (CHPAC) remain below target, the board discussed CHPAC’s importance and the need to promote CHPAC among their leadership teams in order to meet the annual fundraising goal.