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CEO Message: In Your Service

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

Our hospital association — and I’d like to emphasize “our” here because it’s you, our members, who drive all we do — exists for one reason: to support your mission of care in California.

At the forefront of this goal is federal and state advocacy — the daily, perpetual work to provide the best possible legislative and regulatory environment ­that enables you to provide high-quality care to all in need. But there are many other ways we support hospitals, from sharing critical, timely information on operational and regulatory matters to offering a raft of educational events and legal publications to aid your teams.

That’s why I’m pleased to share that, as of Jan. 1, the vast majority of CHA’s education and publication resources are now free to members. That includes anyone and everyone who is an employee of a member hospital — hundreds of thousands of hospital workers statewide. In addition to making these resources free, we are also providing new opportunities for remote connections through live-streaming of events and digital downloads of publications that were previously print-only.

We’ve made this change for two reasons. First, over the past two years, CHA — along with the Regional Associations — has been working to ensure value for your dues dollar. By generating greater efficiency, we’ve been able to hold dues increases to the lowest level in CHA history without missing a beat on the services we provide, and expand the resources we offer to all.

Second, and perhaps more important, is that we know your success depends on increasing access to information you need. Paying for resources that simply help your teams do their jobs better represents an unnecessary hurdle that makes it harder for your teams to take advantage of our support for your work.

I hope you’ll share this news broadly, as we welcome any member of your hospital team to learn and grow from all the educational opportunities we’re offering in 2020.

– Carmela