Urge Senators to Support Seismic Extension Bill


Write to your hospital’s state senator and ask them to support Senate Bill (SB) 1432 (Caballero, D-Merced), jointly authored by a coalition of senators. The bill offers important modifications to the 2030 seismic standards related to timing and financial support. 

  1. A template letter is available for members’ use. Hospital leaders are urged to call or text their senator to vote for SB 1432 on the Senate floor using the key messages below. Find the contact information for your senator on the Legislature’s website.  
  1. Request that your community partners submit a letter. 


Please send letters directly to your state senator and send a copy to Emily Schroeder at eschroeder@calhospital.org by May 17. Calls or texts to senators should be made between now and May 22. 



Earlier this year, CHA worked with a bipartisan group of senators to introduce legislation that would help hospitals with a wide range of seismic compliance challenges. SB 1432 would: 

  • Extend the 2030 seismic compliance deadline. Specifically, providing an initial three-year extension to 2033 upon submission of a seismic compliance plan and Non-Structural Performance (NPC) Evaluation and up to an additional five years to comply with seismic operational requirements 
  • Address additional post-earthquake disaster preparedness requirements 
  • Assess opportunities for financial support 
  • Require the state to assess the overall costs of the 2030 requirement 
  • Address rural hospitals’ unique concerns 

For more information about our seismic work, visit the CHA website.