Urge Congress to Include Pressing Hospital Priorities in COVID-19 Legislation

Action needed:

Urge your representatives in the U.S. House and Senate to include pressing hospital priorities in the next COVID-19 legislation.

CHA sent a letter to the California congressional delegation that includes hospitals’ advocacy priorities, as well as an infographic illustrating the slowing of federal funding even as cases have surged. Hospital leaders are encouraged to use any part of it for their own communications with members of Congress.

To find your representatives’ contact information, visit www.house.gov/representatives/find


Deadline has been extended. Contact representatives by Feb. 19.  


As Congress works to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 proposal, House and Senate committees are drafting specific sections of the bill. Currently, there are no hospital-specific proposals included in the draft. For this COVID-19 relief package, CHA asks that the legislation include several critical actions to support patient care and workforce sustainability, and to preserve our health care infrastructure. 

CHA’s three urgent advocacy priorities include:

  • Expanding and improving the Provider Relief Fund
  • Forgiving from repayment the Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Program loans
  • Extending the delay in sequestration cuts for the duration of the public health emergency

Contact your representatives and senators and urge them to take action to support providers by passing a much-needed COVID-19 relief bill, ensuring front-line providers are not left out as we recover from the recent surges that have been the most intense and geographically widespread to date.

Hospitals are encouraged to use the messaging in CHA’s letter to the California congressional delegation, which explains the enormous strain hospitals have endured and the legislative priorities that will offer relief and support patient care.