HICS Incident Action Planning Course

Course Information

Course Description

This 2.5 hour course was developed to provide instruction specific to hospital incident action plan development.

The topics of this course are also covered within the “HICS Basics” course, however this session focuses primarily on the topic of incident action planning.

Part 1 Objectives

  • Describing the 9 steps of Incident Action Planning.
  • Identifing the components of an Incident Action Plan

Part 2 Objectives

  • Demonstrating the Incident Action Planning Process
  • Demonstrating the use of Hospital Incident Command System forms
  • Implementing the use of the Incident Response Guides

This course is intended for middle‐ to upper‐management level personnel, or individuals who are likely to perform in one of the HICS roles.Prerequisites: “HICS Basics” course completion, or basic knowledge of HICS.

Course Materials

The course materials and handouts have been developed for training purposes only; by accessing these documents, you agree not to share, distribute, transmit or reproduce without prior written consent of California Hospital Association. No part of this course or related materials shall be copied or utilized for monetary gain.


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