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Breaking Through on Emergency Medi-Cal Relief

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

Over the past weeks and months, as CHA has been preparing its push for $1.5 billion in state relief to shore up a health care system on the edge, our messages continue to gain traction with media outlets throughout California. 

The core concept is straightforward: California’s hospitals are in crisis, and without immediate support, care for patients will continue to erode as hospitals close down or reduce services just to keep their doors open.  

Hospitals need both short-term support — $1.5 billion in emergency funding — and a long-term strategy to strengthen a Medi-Cal system that has suffered from underfunding for decades (California pays just 74 cents for every dollar it costs to provide care to Medi-Cal patients). 

Sharing below more than a dozen links to recent media coverage based on information from, and interviews with, CHA on the hospital crisis, our push for state support, and the implication on patients if no action is taken. If you only have time to read one of these, the Feb. 13 piece from KQED is a good overview and a candid account of the peril that lies ahead. 

As we enter the next period of budget conversations with state lawmakers, we will continue to share the stories — through the media and via all available channels — of how the financial devastation jeopardizes hospitals’ ability to provide care and leaves patients with more uncertain and degraded health care services.