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As COVID Cases Rise, Safety of Patients, Health Care Workers Is Paramount

Every Measure Taken to Protect Vulnerable Californians Is a Step to Save Lives and Prevent Further Virus Spread

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“Governor Newsom’s call today for a vaccine mandate for every California health care worker is an important step in the long battle we face against COVID-19 and the multiple variants that have emerged over the past several months,” said Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association. “It’s vital that we do all we can to protect vulnerable patients and those who care for them from this deadly virus.”

“Nearly 18 months after California declared a state of emergency for COVID-19, we are once again on a dangerous precipice that demands both our fortitude and our goodwill to protect loved ones and neighbors,” Coyle said. “California’s health care workers are being called upon – as they have through every step of this pandemic – to lead the charge in the battle between vaccine and variant. We are grateful for their commitment to patients, to public health, and to protecting themselves so they can continue to care for all in need.”

“Every day, those who work in California hospitals see the worst of this pandemic as beds fill and lives are lost,” Coyle said. “The best and quickest way out of this difficult period is a vaccinated California.”