CHA Staff

  • Ryan Anderson

    VP Data Analytics

  • Stacy Arashiro

    Systems Manager

  • Kirsten Barlow

    Vice President, Policy

  • Joseph Barr

    Director Communications

  • Kiko Barrera

    Education & Publications Assistant

  • Alex Baskett

    Director Information Technology

  • David Beard

    IT Senior Help Desk Analyst

  • Kimberly Beard

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Rony Berdugo

    Vice President, State Advocacy

  • Carrie Bergerot

    Payroll Specialist

  • Patricia Blaisdell, FACHE

    Vice President, Policy

  • Peggy Broussard Wheeler

    Vice President, Policy

  • Kiyomi Burchill

    Group Vice President, Executive Operations

  • Robin Campbell

    Meeting Planner

  • June Channel

    Accounts Receivable Specialist

  • Skylar Cohen

    CHPAC Coordinator

  • Michele Coughlin

    Administrative Assistant, Policy

  • Sharon Covington


  • Carmela Coyle

    President & CEO, California Hospital Association, Sacramento

  • Phan Doan

    Help Desk Analyst

  • Robert Ducay

    Vice President, Policy

  • June Elert

    AR Specialist

  • Jan Emerson-Shea

    Vice President, External Affairs

  • Mark Farouk

    Vice President, State Advocacy

  • Jackie Garman

    Vice President, Legal Counsel

  • Lisa Geraty

    Administrative Assistant, Policy

  • Delma Giroski

    Human Resources Manager

  • Trina Gonzalez

    Vice President, Policy

  • Vanessa Gonzalez

    Vice President, State Advocacy

  • Dietmar Grellmann

    Senior Vice President, Policy

  • Ingrid Hamel

    Executive Assistant & Governance Administrator

  • Carrie Harcharik

    Education Program Manager

  • Lisa Hartzell

    Director, Education Operations

  • Mahmudul Hasan

    Business Systems Support Specialist

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Federal Relations Manager

  • Megan Howard

    Vice President, Federal Policy

  • Kathleen Imhoff

    Assistant to the President

  • Elizabeth Jensen


  • Ben Johnson

    Vice President Policy

  • Jelena Lapuz


  • Clinton Lee

    Director, Data Analytics

  • Jessica Lightle

    Education Programs Coordinator

  • Sheree Lowe

    Vice President, Policy

  • Mary Massey

    Vice President, Emergency Management

  • Dennis Mazala

    Corporate Accountant

  • Ben McGowan

    Vice President Legal Counsel

  • Salwa Mikbel

    Corporate Accountant

  • Val Mina

    Creative Director

  • Bob Mion

    Director, Publishing & Education

  • Lindsay Montano

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Marquis Moore

    System Administrator

  • Chad Mulvany

    Vice President, Federal Policy

  • Jennifer Newman

    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Anne O’Rourke

    Senior Vice President, Federal Relations

  • JoAnne Obata

    Communications Specialist

  • Amber Ott

    Senior Vice President, Data Analytics

  • Brianna Parker

    Director, Communications

  • Arian Pierson

    IT Help Desk Analyst

  • Janice Reinarts

    Copy and Mail Center Coordinator

  • Julie Reppas

    Senior Vice President, Operations & Human Resources

  • Alenie Reth

    Data Analytics Coordinator

  • Lois Richardson

    Vice President, Legal Counsel

  • Anthony Roth

    Director Business Systems

  • Barb Roth

    Administrative Assistant, Policy

  • Drew Roth

    Coordinator Communications

  • Emily Schroeder

    Legislative Assistant

  • Kathryn Austin Scott

    Senior Vice President, State Relations and Advocacy

  • Coni Segretto

    Legislative Assistant

  • Melanie Shanley

    Volunteer Services Manager

  • David Simon

    Senior Vice President, Communications

  • Tobi Steaman

    Business Systems Support Specialist

  • Susie Steffes-Ferri

    Legislative Researcher

  • Savannah Tapia

    Policy Associate

  • Robyn Thomason

    Director, Education Program Development

  • Freddy Ventura

    Corporate Accountant

  • Justise Wattree

    Policy Fellow

  • Jaime Welcher

    Education Program Manager

  • Maya Wilson

    AP Specialist

  • Justin Ziombra

    Vice President, Data Analytics