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A Year of Trials and Triumph

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

It’s been some 22 months since COVID-19 made its insidious presence felt in our state, and every Californian owes the women and men who work in health care the greatest debt of gratitude. 

The magnitude of the challenges hospitals have faced over the past two years has been matched only by the resolve you’ve shown to meet and overcome them. This pandemic has tested every one of you in ways no one could have predicted, and your adept response has kept thousands upon thousands of families whole. 

In many ways this has been the culmination of all the years of training, all the years of practice, all the years of building expertise in every facet of health care: operations, clinical, construction, human resources, finance, and many more. It took every ounce of skill in every arena to pull off the medical miracles we have seen, and the fight will continue into 2022. 

Words are hard to find to express enough appreciation, on behalf of your team at CHA, and for all Californians, for what you have done over the past two years. I hope every one of you knows that the impact of what you’ve achieved during this crisis will be felt for generations. Please take a few minutes to watch, and then share with your teams this video documenting all we’ve been through in 2021 — a snapshot of the incredible ups and downs of another unprecedented year in which hospital and health care workers can hold their heads high for what they’ve been through and what they’ve accomplished. 

As we head into the holiday season, I want each of you to find time to be with those you love, to find peace and comfort in knowing that you continue to fight the good fight, and to remember the joy that comes from giving of yourself in service to others.