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We Care for California Launches $10 Million Media Campaign to Fully Fund Medi-Cal

We Care for California — a coalition of doctors, nurses, hospitals, workers and other health care leaders, including CHA — launched a statewide campaign today that includes $10 million in paid advertising, calling on the state of California to fully fund Medi-Cal to bring provider payments in line with rates paid by Medicare. The eight-week campaign includes English and Spanish television and radio ads, direct mail, outdoor billboards and online calls to action. Television ads will run in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento; a selection can be viewed on

The paid media campaign is the beginning of a sustained effort to help Californians and state leaders understand how the severe underfunding of Medi-Cal harms millions of children, seniors in nursing homes, pregnant women and people with disabilities, all of whom have difficulty getting access to the health care they need. With the chronic underfunding of Medi-Cal, California ranks 48th in the nation in payments to health providers. As a result, 56 percent of Medi-Cal patients report difficulty finding a doctor.

A press release about the campaign is attached.