2021 Hospital Compliance Manual

New 2021 Edition coming soon! Check back soon for purchase options. 

Stay up-to-date with the most comprehensive resource created specifically to provide guidance to hospitals and health systems on how to comply with myriad California and federal statutes, regulations, and agency guidelines. The California Hospital Compliance Manual covers all applicable state and federal laws and focuses on high-risk compliance issues including fraud and abuse.

2021 Consent Manual

Overview The Consent Manual is your one-stop resource for all legal requirements related to patient consent for medical treatment, release of medical information, reporting requirements and more. It details exactly what the law requires and what you need to do to comply. New 2021 Edition Scheduled to be Released August 12. The Consent Manual addresses […]

California Hospital Survey Manual

Overview The 2021 edition has been completely revamped and updated to reflect current state and federal law.  The surveyors have arrived, unannounced, at your hospital. What do you do first? What will the surveyors do? The California Hospital Survey Manual can help hospitals prepare for the survey process, explains how surveyors conduct their surveys, and offers tips […]