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New Law Requires Prescribers to Offer Approved Drugs for Opioid Depression

Prescribers are now required to offer naloxone hydrochloride, or another drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, to patients who experience certain conditions related to opioid depression. The Medical Board of California has released frequently asked questions to assist providers in implementing the new requirements, which took effect Jan. 1.

Attendees Encouraged to Participate in Roundtable Discussions

At the 2019 California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in both expert-led and peer-led roundtable discussions on a variety of topics. Expert-led roundtables will feature a short presentation by a content expert, followed by a question and answer session. Peer-led roundtables will offer a more informal experience, focusing on networking and idea sharing on a shared interest. Discussion topics include:

Volunteer Conference to Offer Clarity, Guidance on Important Topics

CHA’s upcoming California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Conference will address a range of topics important to health care professionals and volunteers. One session will share how a volunteer services department is responding to new requirements related to discharge of homeless patients. Attendees will learn about the law’s intricacies and how volunteers can support their hospital’s efforts to provide clothing, shoes and other items required for discharge. 

Palliative Care Pilot Program Participants Required to Use New Web-Based Reporting Tool

In All Facilities Letter 18-57, the California Department of Public Health announces a new web-based data collection tool intended to assist providers that participate in the Palliative Care Pilot Program with annual reporting. Program participants must submit certain information using this tool by Jan. 1 of each program year. 2018 reports were due Jan. 1, 2019, but the online reporting portal will remain open through March 1.

Gov. Newsom Releases State Budget Proposal

Yesterday, Gov. Newsom released his first proposed state budget, totaling $209 billion for 2019-20. CHA was pleased to see health care as a primary focus of the budget. Other clear priorities are early childhood development, housing and paying down debt. 

Commissioning Healthcare Policy: Hospital Readmission and Its Price Tag

The message comes in over the office slack line at 1:05 pm. There are four patients in rooms, one new, 3 patients in the waiting room. Really, not an ideal time to deal with this particular message.

“Kathy the home care nurse for Mrs. C called and said her weight yesterday was 185, today it is 194, she has +4 pitting edema, heart rate 120, BP 140/70 standing, 120/64 sitting”

Unproven medical treatments cost us lives and money. Let research tell us what works.

Late last year, an Oklahoma jury awarded $25.5 million to Orrana Cunningham’s husband. In 2014, she had nasopharyngeal cancer growing behind her nose. Her doctors recommended proton therapy, a type of radiation treatment, but Aetna refused to pay. She created a GoFundMe campaign and mortgaged her home to pay $92,082. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cunningham died within months from complications of her cancer. Jurors condemned Aetna, saying it acted “recklessly” in its review and delay of her care, and that it “should’ve paid for the treatment.”

House Reauthorizes Hospital Preparedness Program

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed legislation (H.R. 269) that includes the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act. The measure reauthorized the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) at an increased amount, including reserving a percentage of HPP funds for the purpose of developing regional health care emergency preparedness and response systems. CHA supports the measure and is hopeful that the Senate will act soon.