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2019 Conference On-Site Questionnaire

Thank you for planning to attend the 2019 California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Conference.  Please provide us with your on-site committee participation by completing the questionnaire below by Thursday, January 31, 2019.

For questions, please contact Melanie Shanley at (916) 552-7648 or [email protected]



Vice President Quality and Regulatory Compliance

The California Hospital Association (CHA) is the statewide leader representing and advocating the interests of hospitals, health systems, and other health care providers in California in the legislative and regulatory arenas.  We are seeking a quality policy expert to serve as the lead issue manager for policy and regulatory quality issues.

General Summary

Overprescribing Is a Key Component of the Opioid Crisis — Here’s How to Stop It

Today’s opioid crisis is one of the most dire side effects driven by our dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system. A recent JAMA Surgery report found that many surgeons prescribe four times more opioids than their patients use. This opens the door for misuse and abuse later on. In fact, the total combined cost of misuse, abuse, dependence and overdose is about $78.5 billion.

Unfortunately, there’s a direct connection between the low-quality care many patients receive, and the astounding rates of opioid addiction. Often, insurance plans offer access to high-cost, volume-centric physicians and include high deductibles — creating an expensive cycle that doesn’t focus on patient outcomes.