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Urge Assembly Members to Oppose Legislation That Jeopardizes Access to Care With Increased Costs, Potential Staffing Shortages

Background: Staffing shortages may jeopardize access to careAB 650 would mandate unfair and inequitable extra pay for only some health care workers while excluding millions of other essential and health care workers throughout the state. The bill mandates extra pay to workers at private hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, surgery centers, and other providers but excludes […]

California Hospital Survey Manual

Overview The 2021 edition has been completely revamped and updated to reflect current state and federal law.  The surveyors have arrived, unannounced, at your hospital. What do you do first? What will the surveyors do? The California Hospital Survey Manual can help hospitals prepare for the survey process, explains how surveyors conduct their surveys, and offers tips […]

Forms and Appendices

Hospitals that are members of the California Hospital Association may use these model forms, appendices, signs and handouts as templates in developing their own forms, signs and handouts.

CHA forms are updated periodically. The current version of CHA forms are downloadable from this page, and may or may not match the forms found in CHA’s printed manuals. The date on which each form was last updated appears in the lower right corner of each form.

Registration Open for CHA Webinar on Preparing for Potential COVID-19 Litigation

Experts predict it isn’t a matter of if California hospitals will experience professional liability and employment claims related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a matter of when. To provide strategies for potential litigation that might be coming hospitals’ way, CHA will host a webinar on COVID-19: Preparing for Potential Litigation on April 20 from 10:30 […]

CDPH Releases Let’s Get to Immunity Campaign Toolkit

The California Department of Public Health has launched a Let’s Get to Immunity campaign. The campaign features a toolkit designed to help communicate about ongoing COVID-19 vaccine efforts in California with ready-to-use digital resources that can be shared in the community and on social media.