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SB 816 (Roth, D-Riverside)

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SB 816 (Roth, D-Riverside) Details

Passed the Assembly on Sept. 12. Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee agreed to Assembly amendments on Sept. 13. Senate agreed to Assembly amendments on Sept. 14. Pending governor’s action.

SB 816 would raise several types of licensing fees (effective Jan. 1, 2025) imposed by various state boards within the Department of Consumer Affairs. The bill was recently amended and now includes numerous Board of Pharmacy (BoP) fee increases for both pharmacists and pharmacy facilities and equipment. The last fee increase occurred July 1, 2017. Based on an independent fee audit performed for the BoP, these new fees are intended to cover the board’s operating costs.

Vanessa Gonzalez

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VP State Advocacy
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Sheree Lowe

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VP Policy
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