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AB 869 (Wood, D-Healdsburg)

Pending Support if Amended

AB 869 (Wood, D-Healdsburg) Details

Passed Assembly Health Committee on March 21. To be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB 869 would prioritize certain smaller hospitals for the existing Small and Rural Hospital Relief Program, which is funded by the e-cigarette tax. This would allow them to get assessments for the cost of retrofitting their hospital and give certain smaller rural hospitals and certain district hospitals a five-year extension of the 2030 seismic deadline. It would also allow certain smaller rural and district hospitals, if they have experienced a financial hardship, an indefinite extension beyond 2035, until funds are appropriated by the state. Amendments taken on March 7 provide additional criteria that health care districts can meet to be eligible for the extensions under the bill.

Kathryn Scott

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SVP State Relations & Advocacy
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Group Vice President, Executive Operations
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