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AB 40 (Rodriguez, D-Pomona)

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AB 40 (Rodriguez, D-Pomona) Details

Signrd by the governor on Oct. 13

AB 40 requires local emergency medical services (EMS) agencies, by July 1, 2024, to establish an ambulance patient offload time (APOT) standard of no more than 30 minutes 90% of the time. The bill also requires general acute care hospitals with an emergency department (ED) to develop, in consultation with their exclusive employee representatives, if any, an APOT reduction protocol. Beginning Dec. 31, 2024, when a general acute care hospital with an ED exceeds the local EMS standard for the preceding month, the hospital will be required to participate in, at minimum, biweekly calls with its local EMS agency and EMS providers. These calls will discuss the implementation of the APOT reduction protocol, among other requirements for EMSA. See APOT Advocacy Materials.

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