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AB 1577 (Low, D-Cupertino)

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AB 1577 (Low, D-Cupertino) Details

Passed the Assembly on May 31. Pending a Senate policy committee referral.

AB 1577 would require a general acute care hospital to report to the California Department of Public Health, on a quarterly basis, the number of nursing clinical placements filled by the hospital for that quarter. Community colleges with nursing programs would also be required to report on the number of clinical placements the community college will require for the next academic year. If a general acute care hospital fails to meet the placement needs of community college nursing programs, they may be subject to a fine or loss of licensure. CHA is working with United Nurses Associations of California on a more collaborative approach to ensure student nurses receive their clinical training and to remove the potential loss of licensure.

Vanessa Gonzalez

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VP State Advocacy
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Sheree Lowe

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VP Policy
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