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AB 1036 (Bryan, D-Culver City)

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AB 1036 (Bryan, D-Culver City) Details

Two-year bill

AB 1036 would require a physician, upon an individual’s arrival at a hospital’s emergency department, to certify in the treatment record whether an emergency medical condition existed and required emergency medical transportation services. If a physician certifies that emergency medical transportation was needed, a health care service plan, disability insurance policy, or Medi-Cal managed care plan would be required to provide coverage for emergency medical transport, consistent with an individual’s plan or policy. The bill would specify that the indication by a physician pursuant to these provisions is limited to an assessment of the medical necessity of the emergency medical transport services. It would not apply or otherwise impact provisions regarding coverage for care provided following completion of the emergency medical transport. For Medi-Cal benefits, the bill would specify that these conditions do not apply to various specified provisions related to nonemergency transport services. Additionally, for Medi-Cal benefits, it would also not apply to any other law or regulation related to reimbursement or authorization requirements for services provided for emergencies and care.

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