CA Supreme Court Rules County Health Plans Not Immune From Liability for ED Reimbursement Claims

On July 10, the California Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion, which found that a county health plan is not protected from liability by the Government Claims Act in a lawsuit brought by hospitals seeking reimbursement for emergency medical care provided to patients covered by the county’s health plan. By doing so, the court agreed with the position advocated by CHA in two separate amicus (friend of the court) briefs filed in connection with the Supreme Court’s consideration of this case.    

CHA Supports Publication of Opinion in Employee Termination Case

The California Court of Appeal recently issued an opinion in Hodges v. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that was originally designated as “not to be published” (meaning it could not be cited as precedent in other cases). However, CHA believed that it could provide a helpful precedent for other hospitals and submitted a letter brief requesting that the opinion be published, as did defendant Cedars-Sinai. As a result, the court ordered the opinion published, so it can now be relied upon as legal authority. 

Filing the Triennial Occupational Mix Index Report

Filing the Triennial Occupational Mix Index Report webinar will cover the basics of the Occupational Mix Adjustment (OMA), the history and calculation of the OMA, and strategies for improving the accuracy of your Occupational Mix data. This session will be hosted by Fred Fisher and Ryan Sader of Toyon Associates, who will share their expertise gained through the submission and audit support of more than 150 Occupational Mix Surveys.

Medicare Area Wage Index Litigation Update

Since 2020, CHA has sponsored a legal challenge on behalf of its members to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) area wage index (AWI) policies that harm all California hospitals. Register for this webinar and listen to lawyers from Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, P.C. (HLB) for an update on this litigation. Learn about […]

2023 Consent Law Seminar

CHA has developed the 2023 Consent Law Seminar to help hospitals stay current on important changes in the law. This is your opportunity to gain insights on legislative and regulatory updates and learn from frontline experiences.