Disaster Readiness Modernization

About Disaster Readiness Modernization

California, like states across the country, is drawing on the lessons of the pandemic to think differently about disaster planning, so that the next statewide crisis will be less severe, less deadly. Here’s what we know: COVID-19 has shown that California’s disaster response system must be modernized.

Hospitals must have the necessary time and flexibility to ensure that emergency services will be available to all Californians when the next disaster occurs, while also prioritizing investments that will build the health care delivery system of tomorrow.

The Hospital Disaster Preparedness Plan will ensure that every hospital building can withstand a major earthquake, providing the most comprehensive safety measures to protect patients and health care workers alike and that essential emergency care services can continue to be available to any community struck by earthquake or other disaster.


The Middle Innings of the Legislative Cycle

If California’s legislative session — which runs from January through the end of September — can be looked at as a nine-inning baseball game, we’re just weeks away from the middle three innings. That means legislative priorities are coming into sharper focus and strategy is beginning to turn to tactics.