About Coronavirus

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, hospitals have cared for an average of 6,600 patients per day, including an average of 1,800 ICU patients per day. They responded quickly and with an extraordinary investment — creating additional physical space, purchasing protective and clinical equipment, and cancelling non-emergency procedures; investing in their own health care heroes with childcare subsidies, temporary housing, and more; and enduring unprecedented challenges and even financial strain. Throughout this public health emergency, hospitals have bolstered the trust of their communities that, no matter what comes their way, they are ready to care for all Californians, in all ways.

Resource Requests

With resources at critically low levels across all regions of the state, the nation, and worldwide, the best way to get supplies in California is to request them through the Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) Program.

A list of county MHOAC contacts is here.

Instructions for requesting supplies through MHOAC — a process that is tested annually with your hospital and disaster coordinator during the November Statewide Medical and Health Exercise — are below.